A man and a dog are trying to enjoy a quiet afternoon on a boat, but end up stuck between a rock and a hard place. Which side will they pick?


Short animation initiated during the Show Me The Animation 48hr AniJam.

Created by Dotty Kultys (dottykultys.com) and Beatriz Pinto 

Sound effects courtesy of: freesound.org and soundbible.com


about me

© 2018 

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I'm a freelance illustrator and character designer, specialising in both traditional and digital 2D animation. I enjoy challenging myself with projects that allow me to explore various styles and techniques.

With a background in drawing and multimedia arts, I'm a diverse practitioner, able to work in animation, design and live action projects.​

If you want to commission my work or if you want to know more, contact me directly below or you can find me on www.twine.fm/Beapinto